Increase awareness, improve performance, repeat what works, challenge what doesn't.

To improve movement strategies by creating new possibilities through intelligent bodywork.

Annemieke leaves her clients with a body awoken, stretched and challenged, a mind focussed, clear and peaceful. Annemieke leaves her students aroused, exited and curious and armed with an empowering understanding of self and other. Her power lies in her playful and imaginative teachings to creating a greater awareness of the body and her functions. You can find her teachings in her words and her hands. She has a sharp eye for healthy posture and alignment. She has a deep knowledge of complex biomechanical functions of the body and always finds a clever way to translate this in simple and useful language so we all can understand it.

Her tool box is filled with 15 years of experience in the field of movement, education and health. The certifications worth noting are

2016 Ido Portal training - student - ongoing

2011-2016 Pilates advanced schooling; pre-post natal, scoliosis, pilates in rehabilitation, chronic pain, spinal pathologies, pregnancy, pelvic instability, shoulder pathologies.

2011 Polestar Pilates® Educator - ongoing

2010 Namikoshi Basic Shiatsu Instructor – NSE – certified

2009-2011 Polestar Pilates® STUDIO, UK – certified

2007-2008 Polestar Pilates® MAT, UK – certified

2003-2006 Teacher Training Franklin Method®, UK and Switserland- certified

2005-2006 Medical Basic Knowledge (bachelors) - @ CSMBK, The Hague - certified

2002-2006 Shiatsu Massage Practitioner -@ CSMBK, The Hague – certified